Friday, 19 August 2016

Blog Notice

Just so everybody is aware, I am going on holiday for two weeks tomorrow so the blog is unlikely to be updated unless I stumble across some news whilst I'm away or if something major happens; in which case I'll take a bus ride to use the free WiFi in order to update you all... anyway I'm going to Cornwall for the first week where I will be trying to spot some of Eastern Counties' recently transferred vehicles, and then I'm off to Scotland on the second week via Taunton, Bristol, Worcester, Stoke, Blackpool and the Lake District, whilst I'll be passing through Yorkshire on the way home. So hopefully I'll have quite a few bits and bobs to post about on my return which will be Sunday the 4th of September.

This also means the fleet lists will not be updated on the 1st of the month like they usually are, but it does mean I'll have photos like the one below to share, which I look forward to doing so. I wish you all a happy two weeks doing whatever you'll be doing, and I'll see you all soon! Bye for now!

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