Friday, 5 August 2016

Fleet Update: First

Three withdrawals to go over today; Volvo B7TL Plaxton President 32211 LT52WTU made the move to Cornwall this week, with Trident 32955 X611HLT following today. As yet unreported however is Norwich Red Line branded Trident 33242 LT52WVL which has also been transferred to Conrwall, she is currently at Camborne depot after arriving a few days ago.

More news to report is that the two Turquoise Line branded Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse-Urbans in the Norwich fleet are to be repainted for the Yellow Line. These are  66980 KX05MHJ and 66982 KX05MHL. To replace them, 36171 BD11CFU and 36173 BD11CFX will be painted Turquoise. It is also expected that the Green Line StreetLites will receive the new Network Norwich branding shortly.

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