Friday, 2 September 2016

I'm Back!

Well, that was a long one! I don't think I've had a holiday for that long before and I seem to have chosen the wrong time to go away as I have missed quite a bit! I'll try and catch up the best I can so we'll start with First.

Konectbus 510 seen at Anglian last month
Norwich have had Great Yarmouth Volvo B7TLs 32213 LT52WTW and 32214 LT52WTX transferred in, with Tridents 33004 LK51UZT and 33007 LK51UZE transferred down to Cornwall. 66982 KX05MHL has been repainted from Turquoise into the Yellow Line livery, whilst on the Blue Line front 36175 BD11CFZ and 36178 BD11CDX have been repainted since I was away with 36170 BD11CFP and 36176 BD11CGE currently at Simon Morris in Ipswich having treatment.

At Anglian and Konect, Optare Versas 305 YJ60KGU and 306 YJ60KGV have been transferred back to Anglian with Volvo B7TLs 510 LB02YWX and 511 LB02YWY going the otherway from Beccles to Dereham.

Stagecoach Norfolk have withdrawn 47892 AU53KSO and 47893 MX54WMJ, and have repainted a number of the ex-Coasthopper Solos, details of which are now on their fleet list.

More recently, OurBus ALX300 VAG608R caught fire near Acle yesterday and will now be scrapped.

OurBus VAG608R met an untimely end yesterday
On the services front, OurBus now operate Simonds 86 service whilst Anglian have taken back the 85 from Simonds who have been operating the service since February. Anglian have also registered a service 71, to operate between Belton and Great Yarmouth as a replacement to First's 7 which was incorperated into their X11 service which links Belton to Norwich via the new road to the James Paget Hospital. BorderBus have taken over the Beccles Town Service from Anglian whilst BorderBus and Simonds now operate the 580 and the 581 between Diss and Great Yarmouth under the Waveney Line branding. 

A bit further out in Kings Lynn and we have Lynx who are taking over two services from Stagecoach in Norfolk. The 39 operates between Kings Lynn, West Winch, Shouldham and Marham whilst the 67 will replace the 64 which operates between Three Holes, Upwell, Outwell, Emneth and Kings Lynn.

Coming up on the blog is a day-by-day guide to my bus spotting adventures whilst I was on holiday. Look our for part one of the series coming soon which will be named "Veg on Tour"!

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