Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Fleet Update: FirstNorwich

two of the 'new' buses at Roundtree Way yesterday
As expected. seven of the remaining twelve Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse-Gemini 2s arrived from Leeds at Roundtree Way over the weekend. Many have now been de-branded and checked for service with three of them due to make it out on the road today. These are 36194 BN12JYU, 36195 BN12JYV and 36196 BN12JYW. As a result of these incoming buses, a number of Tridents will be withdrawn and the first victim is 33058 LN51GJK which has been stood down from service.

Leeds in Somerset
The buses have been on loan at Bristol for the last few weeks which made for an interesting photograph incorporating the LEEDS fleetname alongside the "First Somerset & Avon Ltd" legal lettering.

Yesterday gave me the first opportunity to photograph a Trident with the new style Network Norwich branding whilst Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 66348 MV02VDC is the first of it's type to be done. She will be followed by 66333 MV02VBY once it returns from repaint at Simon Morris.

36196 after having her Leeds identity removed, inside and out
33058 next to her replacement
33060 at Vulcan Road showing off her new and improved look

and finally, ex-Turquoise Line bus 66348 with the new logos on as well

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