Friday, 21 October 2016

Red Line Repaints

33113 LT02NVX on Red Line duties last month
A question on quite a few people's lips over the last couple of years has been when will FirstNorwich begin to repaint their Red Line buses. I can now inform you that they are next in line to receive the treatment, as soon as 36171 BD11CFU returns in Turquoise Line livery. 

I am also told by multiple sources that Norwich are expecting delivery of some more B9s from Leeds tomorrow, however the amount of vehicles and which ones can not be confirmed, although they will be from the batch listed here. These will join 36189 BN12JYO  and 36190 BN12JYP which have been in Norwich since July. Ten of this batch of fourteen will then be sent on to Simon Morris in Ipswich to be repainted Red. On a side note, 36190 is currently on loan to King's Lynn alongside Blue Line liveried 36169 BD11CFO, whilst all B10BLE loan buses from Rotherham have returned North.

UPDATE: (11:00 22/10/2016) I can confirm that seven of the B9s are on their way to Norwich and have been sighted at Reading services this morning. These are as follows:

36191 - BN12JYR
36192 - BN12JYS
36193 - BN12JYT
36194 - BN12JYU
36195 - BN12JYV
36196 - BN12JYW
36197 - BN12WNX

Thanks to John Stait for the information.

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