Thursday, 22 December 2016

Fleet Update: FirstNorwich

First up is news of a few withdrawals, with Turquoise Line branded Volvo B7TL Plaxton President 32112 LT02ZDL removed from service. It is currently stood at Ipswich's Star Lane depot. Meanwhile, Four Dennis Trident versions departed Norfolk for their new home in Cornwall this morning. These were:
33171 and 33234 leaving Vulcan Rd

33171 LR02LYO
33233 LT52WWV
33234 LT52WWX
33235 LT52WWY

Unfortunately, 33233 and 33234 failed before they'd reached London, with 33233 awaiting recovery near Bishop's Stortford whilst 33234 has arrived safely back at Norwich for repair.

On the Red Line front, the last three buses to be done are currently at Simon Morris being painted. These are 36196 BN12JYW, 36197 BN12WNX and 36198 BN12WNY Once these return, Norwich will have a very colourful fleet, will all lines having the new style livery applied.

33234 arrived at Roundtree Way depot on the back of a tow truck just six hours after it left Vulcan Road for Penzance

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