Monday, 19 December 2016

Fleet Update: Konectbus

This fleet update also effects Anglianbus, but as my last post was entitled "Fleet Update: Anglianbus" I thought I better mix it up a bit. Anyway, this bit of news has supposedly happened at the same time as the last bit of news, according to the date on the official fleet lists anyway. Although having looked at both I presume the person writing the list has forgotten to change the datres as Konect's is still dated 14th November despite the sudden appearance of Optare Versa 306 YJ60KGV which has been transferred to Konectbus, putting the working fleet number at Anglian back down to 28. Below, 306 is pictured a few months back on a loan stint at Konect operating the now defunct T1 service to Sprowston Tesco.

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