Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Four In, Four Out

FirstNorwich have withdrawn four more of their Dennis Trident Plaxton Presidents, with the victims heading to First Hampshire & Dorset. These are the following:
33149 back in her Yellow Line days

33146 LR02LXB
33149 LR02LXH
33156 LR02LXP
33158 LR02LXT

These withdrawals are due to the arrival of four more ex-Leeds B9TL Wright Eclipse-Gemini 2s, in the form of 36199 BN12WNZ, 36200 BN12WOA, 36201 BN12WOB and 36202 BN12WOC. These are to be branded up with standard Network Norwich vinyls to be used on any route in the network.

36199, 36200 and 36202. The fourth was already inside the garage being prepped.

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