Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Trident Withdrawals Confirmed

I can now reveal the current plan of which FirstNorwich's Dennis Trident Plaxton Presidents will be cascaded thanks to the arrival of twelve Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse-Gemini 2s from West Yorkshire, eight of which are already on the road.

33171 LR02LYO, 33233 LT52WWV, 33234 LT52WWX and 33235 LT52WWY will be withdrawn by mid-December and will then be available for First South West to collect.

Then, once the last four Wright Eclipse-Gemini 2s arrive from Leeds, eight more Presidents will be transferred to First Weymouth. These will be the following:

33113 LT02NVX
33146 LT02LXB
33149 LR02LXH
33156 LR02LXP
33158 LR02LXT
33164 LR02LYA
33165 LR02LYC
33170 LR02LYK

On a different note, I hope to write Part Six of my #VegOnTour series shortly so do check back soon!

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