Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fleet Update: Anglianbus and Konectbus

V161MEV outside East Norfolk Sixth Form College
when numbered 512 operating in 2013
First of all, I'd like to wish all my readers a happy new year, and a welcome to the seventh year of Norwich Bus Page. If you're wondering where the January fleet lists are, they are still waiting to be uploaded. UPDATE: They are now online! (click here). If I'm being complete honest the reason I didn't upload them in time for a midnight release as per usual is because I was somewhere in West Norfolk drinking some vodka...which makes me sound like an alcoholic until you remember the significance of January 1st! Anyway, I will endeavour to have them uploaded by the end of today but already two of them will be out of date as changes have already happened in the Go East Anglia fleet.

Konectbus have acquired another single deck vehicle from Anglian with Optare Versa 305 YJ60KGU joining sister 306 YJ60KGV at Dereham which was transferred in December. This has got to be the third or fourth time these two buses have swapped fleets in the last couple of years. More suprisingly though, is the movement west of Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 740 V161MEV. I believe this to be the first of it's type to operate with the company and it is being used on a shuttle service between Postwick Park & Ride and Aviva on the Broadland Business Park.

To replace these buses at Anglian, the Beccles-based company have reinstated another Optare Solo, in the form of 954 YN57HPU. The above changes have reduced the operating fleet size down to 27 buses.

954 in Mundham operating the 86 to Norwich before Simonds took over last year.

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