Thursday, 27 April 2017

Fleet Update: First

As reported on East Norfolk Bus Blog yesterday, a number of vehicle movements are under way to accommodate for the introduction of the new X41 Charcoal Line service in Norwich, as well as the Park & Ride services in Ipswich which First will be taking on in the summer. A new website has been set up for the latter, which proudly shows off a few clues about what the buses may look like but for now it will be kept under wraps!

Arriving yesterday at Caister Road for use in Great Yarmouth were two Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse-Geminis in the shape of 37141 SN57HDA and 37142 SN57HDC. These are to replace two newer versions which are being transferred to Norwich to use on the X41. Ex-Leeds 36181 BF12KXU is already at Simon Morris being repainted, and 36182 BF12KXV is expected to follow suit.

37142 at Caister Road this morning
37141 also at Great Yarmouth today
Also arriving at Caister Road yesterday, but for Ipswich were two Alexander Dennis Enviro300s complete with leather seats and WiFi. These, including the two aforementioned double deckers have been transferred from First's now defunct Borders operations in Scotland. 67763 SN62AUK and 67773 SN62AXH are the first of the type to operate in Eastern Counties, the latter needing a lot of de-branding as it is currently branded up for the X95 service between Carlisle and Edinburgh, complete with a striped front.
67773 pretending to go to Hemsby!
There seems to be a bit of confusion as to which buses are still to come but I have been told the following. Another six Enviro300s will soon be making their way over with three expected in Yarmouth on Tuesday, with one going straight to Ipswich, whilst another one is scheduled to arrive at Caister Road on Wednesday. The five confirmed buses, yet to arrive are as follows, with the sixth still to be decided upon.

67753 SN62APO
67760 SN62AUC
67774 SN62AXK
67775 SN62AXO
67776 SN62AXU

67763 after having the destination screen programmed for Eastern Counties

Lastly, some news from Norwich is that 60916 YG02DKU is being taken to Simon Morris tomorrow to be repainted into the new livery. She is seen below at Roundtree Way depot today ready to leave after having her panels replaced.

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