Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Anglian Blue Star UPDATED

It was a case of right place right time for me today, as I took up my position in Brooke in order to photograph First's 35200 SK16GVZ on the X41 service this afternoon. A couple of minutes before it was due I noticed something square looking and blue in the distance. Having spied some white text in the corner of the windscreen my first thought was one Lynx's Tempos. But as it got nearer I identified it as a Citaro. HX06EZJ was previously operated by Blue Star on the south coast of the country, but was employed on the 1530 Anglianbus 88 service out of Norwich this afternoon and is photographed to the right running light back into the city.

UPDATE: East Norfolk Bus Blog write that three more Citaros arrived on Monday, with another nine expected. All are on loan. The details of the other three are: HF55JZM, HF55JZN and HF55JZO.

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