Friday, 18 August 2017

#VegOnTour: Part Six

(I started writing this many many months ago, as this relates to my holiday last summer. Whilst sorting through the blog today I came across it and it seems a shame for my writing to go to waste, so here it is!)

A bit later than anticipated; after all it's been a number of months since my holiday and I find my self still writing about it trying to remember exactly what I did and what I saw, so it's a good job I have lots of photos to remind me! Whilst I remember, if you missed Part Five, you can read that my clicking the here. I recommend you do; it's a fantastically entertaining read even if I do say so myself.

47537 MK63XAO heading to Gateway P&R
Moving on from Cornwall and I headed North into Somerset. Following a similar route to my last holiday to look at First's "Buses of Somerset" company. I parked up at the Park & Ride site, which is served by a fleet of white Wright StreetLites which gave a very comfortable ride and I was soon in the town centre so headed to the bus station which is situated just next door to Taunton Castle. Parked on Castle Green, was a small Temsa MD9 coach operated by M&M Coaches. Privately registered MX65MMC, the vehicle has seating for 39 passengers and was new in February 2016. Despite being a good six months old though, my photograph remains the only one on Flickr of said vehicle! So if you have spotted it and have it hiding away somewhere on an SD card or hard drive, make sure you upload it!

M&M Coaches' Temsa MD9 on Castle Green, Taunton
A couple of steps later, I had arrived at the bus station. It's quite easy to spot now because as well as the buses, the building it self is sporting the two-tone-green Buses of Somerset livery which really finishes of the professional look of First in Somerset. The last time I was in Taunton, it was mid-December so my photographs were rather gloomy. So I felt quite excited at the prospect of being able to get some nice summer sunshine shots this time round. Luckily, the bus station layout was perfect for just that and the setting of the establishment made for some rural-looking photographs despite the fact I was in the middle of a bustling market town.

32874 HIG1524 (ex-V874HBY)
33379 LK53EYY

62191 OIG1791 (ex-X685ADK)
55103 MX12JXV (ex-Anglianbus demonstrator if you can remember!)
23012 YV03UBE

First also operate the Buses of Taunton in the town, which make up the more local routes whereas the Buses of Somerset go cross-county. The Taunton buses are mostly made up of a number of Enviro200s and a couple of  MPD Plaxton Pointers, which also where the two-tone green livery. Also present in the town is Stagecoach, which took over some of the services previously operated by Webberbus who have since gone bust.

44922 YX09ADV picking up passengers in the town centre

Stagecoach 25254 WA09KWL rounds a corner on the 99 to Chard with the bus station seen in the background.

Watch out for Part Seven which will be coming from Bristol!

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