Friday, 27 October 2017

Blog update

Since I'm new here, I thought I would just provide a further update about future developments here at the blog. Obviously, having someone entirely new take over the running of the blog is a huge time of change both for me and for you as our readers. Hopefully I can make the changeover run as smoothly as possible.

The immediate issue that arises is the name Norwich Bus Page and the fact that I'm, er, not from Norwich. Or anywhere near Norwich, for that matter. Sheffield, in fact - 155 miles away, via the A47 and A17. But the blog has grown and become quite successful under that name, so I'm unsure about whether to change it. Of course I will still be providing ongoing fleet updates for the East Anglia region, but I'm also looking at giving the blog a more broadly national outlook, with an inevitable focus particularly on developments in Yorkshire. Does Yorkshire Bus Page sound any good? Is it worth the change? I'm still undecided. The domain name doesn't come up for renewal until April, so any decision is likely to not be made until then, anyway. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions you have, because I'm still a bit stumped on the matter!

The fleet lists are an incredibly useful resource provided by the blog and they are something I will be looking to preserve and continue to update. The existing East Anglian operator fleet lists will remain in place, and I will also start to introduce fleet lists for selected other operators, mainly in the Sheffield area. This process could begin very soon - sometimes when I'm bored and I have nothing else to do, I load up the computer and compile fleet lists for some of my local bus operators, so as a result, I have developed a fair collection of fleet lists for operators in and around the Sheffield area already. All that needs doing is converting them to a more blog-friendly format like the existing East Anglian fleet lists.

As well as fleet updates, I will write up reports about my trips out across the country, as my predecessors have done in the past. I already have blog posts for my recent trips to Bolton and to Derby in the pipeline, and these should be posted in the coming days.

Zak created a 2017 calendar for the Norwich Bus Page at the end of last year, and I'm told it sold very well. (I bought one, at least!) I myself have a large collection of bus photos from across the country, and abroad, so I am hopeful I will find the time to create a follow-up calendar for 2018 which will go on sale likely at the beginning of December.

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