Friday, 27 October 2017

Fleet update: First Norwich

Three ex-First Eastern Counties Euro 2 Dennis Trident/Plaxton Presidents have returned to East Anglia, for the time being at least, having arrived at First Norwich's Roundtree Way depot earlier today on long-term loan from Southampton until Christmas. These are to cover for the increase in PVR for the Bernard Matthews contract during the festive period. The Tridents are as follows:

  • 32801 - T801LLC
  • 32809 - T809LLC
  • 32849 - T849LLC
32809 is of particular interest as it is currently painted in a unusual variety of First's Barbie livery without the usual pink bands, only carrying the purple bands on the usual white base. The vehicle also lacks a rear 'willow-leaf' application as a result. This livery is believed to have been applied during the vehicle's time in Weymouth, although for what purpose I am unsure. 32801 and 32849 both carry the standard Barbie livery at the moment.

Thankyou Zak Nelson for supplying the following photographs:

32801 shortly after arrival in Norwich today (photo © Zak Nelson)

32809 being inspected inside the depot building after its journey up from Southampton (photo © Zak Nelson)

32809 seen from the rear - note the unusual livery application (photo © Zak Nelson)

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