Saturday, 28 October 2017

Fleet update: Stagecoach Yorkshire

I said I would occasionally start doing some fleet updates from elsewhere in the country, and it's been all change at Stagecoach Yorkshire recently, so I may as well bring you up to speed with some interesting changes oop north...

New arrivals at Barnsley depot in the past couple of weeks are six short-wheelbase ADL Enviro200 MMCs for the upgrade of the Town Lines 1 service between Barnsley Interchange and Staincross - details as follows:
  • 37451 (YX67VGM)
  • 37452 (YX67VGO)
  • 37453 (YX67VGP)
  • 37454 (YX67VGR)
  • 37455 (YX67VGT)
  • 37456 (YX67VGU) 
All of them arrived initially in plain Stagecoach livery, with 37451-4 being branded up for service 1 in the depot prior to entry into service. 37451-4 are 10.8-metre examples with a 6-cylinder Cummins engine, while unbranded 37455-6 are 9.0-metre examples fitted with the 4-cylinder. All of these are now in service as of the last couple of days.

37453 (YX67VGP, left) and 37454 (YX67VGR, right), complete with branding, seen inside the depot prior to their entry into service. Photo © Steven Whitehouse

Another set of new arrivals are three Volvo B11RT/Caetano Levante 2s at Chesterfield depot for National Express contracts. These are 54401 (BV67JXX), 54402 (BV67JXY) and 54403 (BV67JXZ).

The arrival of the Levante 2s has allowed the three 60-plate Volvo B9R/Plaxton Elites, 53714-6, to be moved to the reserve pool. 53716 has subsequently transferred across the division from Chesterfield to Barnsley and been repainted into standard Stagecoach livery with branding for the new Barnsley to Leeds express X10 service, which started today. 

53716 (YN60ACU) seen at Woolley Edge services on the M1 while undergoing type training, before branding had been applied. Photo © Steven Whitehouse

The ongoing repaint of Holbrook depot's ADL Enviro400H hybrids out of their green hybrid livery and into standard Stagecoach livery is continuing apace. The list of hybrids in the standard livery has now grown to 12093, 12103, 12105, 12168, 12171, 12176 and 12179.

12171 (YN62BXO), one of Sheffield's hybrids now painted into standard Stagecoach blue. Note the contrasting green hybrid-spec interior, including dashboard. "Electric hybrid" vinyls to the left of the destination blind have been retained.

Several weeks ago, the high-profile 265 service between Sheffield and Barnsley was renumbered to the 2. Three 60-plate Ecclesfield-based Scania N230UD/ADL Enviro400s have now recieved branding for the 2, these being 15716/8-9.

Two TransBus Trident/TransBus ALX400s have arrived from Stagecoach London. These are making one final stopover on their eventual journey to the scrapyards of Barnsley, as they are both here to be stripped for spares. The pair are 17955 (LX53JYV) and 17956 (LX53JYW).

Sheffield's Wright StreetLite Micro Hybrids for the upgrade of service 1 have not yet arrived, but I will of course keep you updated on the progress of this service upgrade as it happens.

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