This blog was founded as the Norwich Bus Page by Joe Leathers in 2011, a Norfolk-based bus enthusiast. Joe was joined in December 2012 by Zak Nelson and Kieran to provide additional assistance with the growing blog. Joe took the decision to leave the blog in mid-2013 due to other commitments.

Joe was replaced by another young enthusiast, Sam Larke, to widen the blog's field of coverage; however, he left at the end of 2013 after starting his own independent blog. Kieran subsequently decided to leave after losing interest in the bus industry, leaving just Zak to keep the blog going.

Zak tried to keep up with all the local news and happenings on his own but it soon became apparent that he wasn't going to manage. So he asked Harry, a friend, to help out here and there. Unfortunately due to college commitments he couldn't help out for long and Zak continued to blog alone, which he soon got the hang of.

However, in September 2017, Zak decided it was his time to leave the blog. The future of the blog was initially left in limbo with nobody else to take over the reins. An announcement was made that the blog would be closing; however, at the last minute, Sheffield-based enthusiast George Griffiths stepped in to take over the blog, starting in late October 2017.

My aim is to report on matters such as fleet updates, sightings, rare workings and some special features to keep the hobby of bus enthusiasm alive for the future - it is something I'm passionate about. Both East Anglia, the original home of the blog, and Yorkshire, where I'm based, are fascinating places to be a bus enthusiast in 2017, and these factors have no doubt influenced the long-standing success of the Norwich Bus Page.

Feel free to have a look around the page and I hope you come back to visit again!

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