Meet The Editor

George Griffiths (17)
Admin - (October 2017)
Eyup, I'm George and I'm a 17-year-old bus enthusiast from Sheffield. My interests in buses (as well as trains and aviation) started during the summer of 2010, when at the age of ten I received my first camera, created myself a Flickr account and waddled off down to Sheffield Interchange. A couple of years later, I created my George Griffiths Transport Photography page on Facebook, to share my photos with a wider audience. Both are still going today - click the links to see them! 

Seven years after my first trip down to the Interchange, I now find myself in the very privileged position of taking over one of the most successful bus blogs in the UK, and one I have been reading for many years. I thank Zak and his predecessors for all of their hard work in bringing the blog this far and look forward to taking the blog forward!